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At Night, dark vibes and thoughts enter the scene. You feel lost and haunted in a gloomy trip but beyond the veil where evil is lurking, there is the promise of light, the promise of the liberating Sun. We are The Night Suns, an alternative rock band who brings a hint of spicy electronic and industrial vibe as the soundtrack to your dark hours and your epiphany of redeeming hope basked in the energy of golden sunlight. After some years of searching for the right people and being involved in various musical projects, Radu Constantin found the perfect colleagues in former Telepathy bass player Krys Turek, drummer Marky Zanna and synth player Freddy Ciocoiu. What started as a solo journey for Radu soon turned into a musical beast with a life of its own, because when friendship, passion, mutual respect and similar influences come together, great things happen. When mixing together the pounding sounds of bands like Alice in Chains with the industrial touch of Nine Inch Nails, add Massive Attack-like electronic pulses with a Faith No More out-of- the-box approach and top it all off with the trademark voice of Radu Constantin, you have the energetic, devilish, good-vibes- in-dark- hours sound that is The Night Suns! Don’t overcook! Since we came together in London, UK, in 2016, we played at some of the Capital’s most loved venues, including The Underbelly, The Water Rats and Islington’s O2 Academy. Our growing group of fans tell us we sometimes remind them of Nirvana, which may very well have made its way into our subconscious, together with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age. So, we hope to see you at our next concert, share the good vibes and absorb our energy. It's for you to decide if the description fits !


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